This site is to gather support for the release of Shea Dease from prison. Also, if you have a loved one incarcerated in Virginia's Department of Corrections there are help tools here to assist you as well.

Incorrect Justice

Bis'millaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

In The Virginia Department of Corrections is it surprising to anyone that people are still wrongfully incarcerated &/or innocent in prison?! Well how about when a lawyer tells me that no one will help because i'm poor, not famous, not a high profile case, no media attention & no famous person is helping me? i don't think anyone in society could empathize with this unless they been through it! For example, in 1997 at 16 years old i was arrested & accused of killing a child molester. I could not explain what happened because i was drugged & Blacked-Out & thus my Court Appointed Lawyers gave up on me & set me up into an Illegal Gulity Plea & then lied about appealing my case which got me Time Barred which left me with a 108 year sentence with 53 years suspended! I've tried to contact so many Media Outlets, lawyers, Firms, T.V. Shows, etc., but nothing! i guess a person's life in prison is gauged by how much profit there is for the Capitalist that has the means to do something about this injustice, yet they chose to be selfish & Cowardly to take on the System! If u can check out my Video Message for help & pass it on to everyone possible to go viral so guys like me no longer have to be left out due to our income challenges. My FaceBook is: Abdul-Mu'min Travis Marron, with the link to my YouTube which is: Abdul-Mu'min Marron & My TikTok is: @abdul_mumin_marron! My Prisoner Number is: #1091504 & i'm currently at: Augusta Correctional Center; 1821 Estaline Valley Road; Craigsville, Virginia 24430! Thank You for any & all help you can provide to get us media attention & help from our Governor Mr. Youngkin! Sincerely, Abdul-Mu'min.