This site is to gather support for the release of Shea Dease from prison. Also, if you have a loved one incarcerated in Virginia's Department of Corrections there are help tools here to assist you as well.


Since being incarcerated I have tried to take advantage of the various programs provided by the Department of Corrections. However, the problem is that when you have a sentence to serve as I do, and the remainder left to serve is just as lengthy as that already served, you will be put on the bottom of any waiting list which are placed on. Then when you move up on the waiting list and somebody else is later placed on the same waiting list and if that individual's release date is before yours their name will be placed before yours and you will be pushed back towards the bottom of the wait list. At this time, any wait list i am on I have been on it for a minimum of 3 years and the longest is going on, or beyond 11 years.

With that said, I just wanted to explain to you the struggle one one has who has a lot of time to do in getting into programs. But, that doesn't have to detour one from reforming themselves and taking the matter into their own hands such as I have been doing myself. Other than learning html5 and building these pages from my prison cell I have voluntarily signed up and paid for correspondence programs/courses through the mail. Below is a list of my achievements and they are marked whether or not they were Department of Corrections programs or ones that I did on my own.

Well, there you have it. Other then maintaining a job while I have been eligible to employment, you see what I have achieved in my time. I also continue my studies in webpage design and that is done on my own through books I buy through Amazon. At this time I am trying to learn responsive webpage designing and to be honestly blunt with you, I am very proud of what I have been able to achieve thus far. You should of seen my first couple of webpages when I first started. It looked like a box of crayons puked all over the place.

Even with what I have been able to accomplish to this day I still feel like I have not achieved my full purpose that God has planned for me. If I am able/capable to use my situation to help others and I instead choose not to, then I would be letting myself, my family, and God down, which I am not willing to do. Being in here, in this environment where I am surrounded with individuals I do not share a common interest with, will not be the end of my story. So if you feel so moved to, please use the link be low to show your support for my request for a conditional pardon.



I just want to take the time to thank you all for your support and everyone that helped in my setting this site up. I can only look back on my past and shake my head at the total disregard I had for my actions when I was living high-to-high, and now that I have fully committed myself to a clean and sober living for the past 7+ years I realize how very blessed I am to have individuals who stand by me.

The fact that you are reading what's on this, which was created by an individual who is sitting in a prison cell, is not of my doing alone. There is no way I am able to do this on my own and I thank God that He never gave up on me, just as my family never has either. I know that your support is not given lightly and I will not disappoint anybody by falling short of what's expected of me, neither now nor in the future upon my release.