This site is to gather support for the release of Shea Dease from prison. Also, if you have a loved one incarcerated in Virginia's Department of Corrections there are help tools here to assist you as well.

Be A Better Individual

Abdul-Mu'min:Marron #1091504

'To Be A Better Individual is a motivational title i included in my video message for help through my Facebook & YouTube link to show others how influential we all can be no matter where we are! The struggles we face in every aspect in our lives provides the very same outlets to overcome them & share that expierence with others whom aren't accustomed to those same struggles. We face so much negativity for no simple reason when all we have to do to fight it is ignore it, speak against it with good & rid our existance of such negative people & the vices that lead to negativity. This in turn strengthens onself, which in turn strengthens ones family, which in turn strengthens our community & society as a whole! Sounds easy right?! Then why do we seem to always be failing at it?! Well we forget we are not perfect, so when we faulter, we tend to give up & forget that we can simply start again & actualize what i always tell others: Failure Is Not An Option Nor Is Giving Up!:) We all as individuals have the capacity to do soo many Beautiful things to overcome the Horrible things we see others do! But we choose to be Better than that evil or harm that came upon us & we became advocates to help those we can because WE CAN! We can overcome these obstacles by using our Mind to outwit our base emotions & do the right things because that is the right thing to do! So don't doubt yourself because someone is proud of u & someone is inspired by u & if no one has told u yet then i will, I am Proud of U!:) Keep up the Good Fight for our Freedoms in every aspect of our lives because the evil doers are doing the same thing to bring us down, but what they fail to realize, is that Good always Trumps Evil! Your Awesome & Beloved Friend.!:)'