This site is to gather support for the release of Shea Dease from prison. Also, if you have a loved one incarcerated in Virginia's Department of Corrections there are help tools here to assist you as well.


The real "meaning of life" that I think all of us are eithere consciously or subconsciously searching for is not that hard to find. For me atleast. I know one common theme that has made my life difficult is the relationships that I have chose to engage in. Whether platonic friendships or the more amorous ones, my life has been impacted one way or the other. More often than not negatively. This is usually due to where I am at in my own development at the time these people came in my life. But the one thing that is true is that these relationships have played an important role in impacting the decisions I make going forward, once these people have ensconced themselves in my life.

I say this to say that the bonds that we make or don't make are what our lives should be about. That to me is the meaning of life. The impact that we can have in anothers life and how he or she can impact you are what I belive God put us on this earth to do. To make a difference. But it all starts with making that connection.

Just some stray thoughts that I was having and felt compelled to share.