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The Wayward Errant and Fettered Rites

An expressive rendering portraying the journeys of justice; with a commitment to evaluating and improving existing norms among the incarcerated, those charged with thier keeping and releasing, victims and other members of society with interests in such conveyances.

By: Wallace J. 1282631

The rite of commit: After a deed, embrace consequence. Turning back is forfeit....

It's an iron bound day; our flesh chewed by its unforgiving nature as we are ushered before the heavy fall of a gavel. Calculated and hungry it awaits the bodies of those ordered to appear; to answer. With reverberating might its weight invades the very depths of our soul -- where God alone reserves attendance. Next! it seems to say with crushing command; and another among us is sent forth.

The rite of others' names: Court Staging; like the coin, such is the door... duality manifested.

From the polished wooden pews its observed off to the side. Heavy on hinges well oiled, the impression of a portal to no man's land comes to mind as ragged men step thru and are led to stand between wearers of groomed suits and proud uniformed badges. A glance thru the threshold reveals a cage; the bullpen it's called, holding the daily lot of us [men] -- tomorrow another.

Within the pen, drunk with anticipation, our nerves poke fun at our calm. When the first name is called we watch as its owner is escorted beyond. As they breach the pass, silence becomes a mantra so strong the prayers spoken in the minds of men can be heard like cries in the darkness of an ever echoing cavern. Some for the man taken forth, others for themselves, all for a merciful Judge.

The rite of one's own name: Ropes swaying in the proverbial gallows taunt the spirit like meniacal pendelums.

An inventory of what's given, what's taken, and what remains produces itself in an instance of reflection. Just as is said of the moments preceding death, life flashes before our eyes; concluding in a sum of what looms. Then; her scales in one hand; sword in the other, the blind mistress delivers.

Served in the cause of what's just and righteous -- or simply crime and punishment -- her blade strikes true and decisive.

The wounds of our acts assigned residence; one will need to recognize value in their presence, thier impact, as well their needs. Achieving this metamorphosis we evolve beyond the failures of ill decision...

And we move forward in the journey....