This site is to gather support for the release of Shea Dease from prison. Also, if you have a loved one incarcerated in Virginia's Department of Corrections there are help tools here to assist you as well.

For the people and by the people

Shea Dease 1016431

I find it hard to believe that when Abraham Lincoln said these words in his Emancipation Proclamation he could envision an America whose politicians were more interested in gaining followers and likes than in the betterment of State and/or government.

We now find ourselves in the grip of a prison system which was created through money-hungry individuals who are more interested in filling their pockets with funds than in the rehabilitation of convicted felons before they are released back into society. The hard-earned money of taxpayers is funneled toward the Department of Corrections than the Department of Education. And while the teachers are underpaid with students ill equipped for learning, the black hole of state funds known as the Department of Corrections is overcrowded and whose usage is more of a holding facility than a place to rehabilitate future productive citizens.

The members of the General Assembly know this issue to be a fact, but instead of working together to fix this problem they vote against each other just because of the side of the aisle they are on or because of retribution for past votes cast that did not go in their side's favor. During a bill discussion in the 2022 General Assembly, Sen. Norment made it very clear that reform bills were a waste of time and none of these (reform bills) were getting through the House. This was proven true as the General Assembly has concluded and very little progress was achieved because of the Virginia House of Delegates blocking reform bills.

This result is proof to me that some politicians no longer feel as if they are of the people but in some cases are above the people. It appears that our elected officials in the General Assembly take for granted their elected positions by the people, choosing instead to appreciate their self-directed and obtained positions based on their own merit and by feeling this way they make decisions that further their own personal goals or that of the people who donate to their campaign. They no longer seem to feel they were propelled in the placement they find themselves in by the people but instead achieved their lot in life by their own merit and conduct themselves in such a manner until they find themselves needing votes again.

When has the voice of our state representatives ceased to echo the sentiments of the people by which they serve? Why are we okay with this action? Why do we turn a blind eye to this injustice? I wish we had a modern day Lincoln arise, because I personally feel that we need someone who once again is for the people and by the people.