This site is to gather support for the release of Shea Dease from prison. Also, if you have a loved one incarcerated in Virginia's Department of Corrections there are help tools here to assist you as well.


Be sure to click the Contact button at the top and email the following info:
Inmate's Name
Inmate's ID Number
Facility Name (where inmate is located).


If you are unable to print off the above PDF, then highlight what's below and paste it into an email, through Jpay, to send to the incarcerated individual.


Here are some suggestions on topics you could use on your work. Keep in mind that your contribution you submit as your Work should be positive and thought invoking to anyone that chooses to view it. The purpose of this outlet being offered to you is that it provides a way for incarcerated individuals to be humanized instead of continuously being portrayed as villains by others in their attempt to accomplish an agenda. With that said, do not focus on wrongs done to you through the judicial system. This is not that type of outlet and if we focus on negative then what we put out to others will be negative. We want to be humanized and not seen as individuals who feel that the only reason they are incarcerated is due to somebody else's doing. We need to own responsibility for the crimes committed and move on towards being/becoming a better person who no longer focuses on self but instead focusing on the betterment of others around us who can benefit from our experiences. Hopefully the ideas below will help in allowing you to dig deep and bring the real you forward in a meaningful and thoughtful process of self examination.

With that said, keep all Work PG rated, or lower. Any work sent that is vulgar or promoting any type of violence or insurrection will be disposed of without hesitation. The displaying of your work is a way to keep the incarcerated individuals in the thoughts of others in society and every incarcerated individual deserves to have their voice heard. If your Work is deemed negative, to the site or to any individual, it will not be displayed at all.

After choosing the topic that you will submit your Work on, think about the statement or question, then write 3-6 paragraphs on a response. You can do this in a writing, poem, or draw what the statement or question inspires within you. Keep it positive and remember there are no wrong responses.


The following are examples of what is being sought out to be displayed. It is not the only topics/questions you have to choose from though. You might have something already in which you desire to have displayed and if this is the case, then feel free to do so. However, be sure to follow the instructions above so that the Work you put forth will be displayed. Thank you for your contribution and keep your head up.

When you send your Work (through Jpay) make sure it is formatted as so:
- Title of your Work (On line 1 of your email)
- Your Name and State ID Number (On line 2 of your email)
- Your article/Work (Start on line 3)

In closing,