This site is to gather support for the release of Shea Dease from prison. Also, if you have a loved one incarcerated in Virginia's Department of Corrections there are help tools here to assist you as well.


The purpose of this page is to help you protect yourself and loved ones from the ever growing number of potential predators that may just be living close by. This is in no way a for sure solution and keep in mind that these tips may just not help depending on whether or not their website has been updated or has been modified since the time of this posting. This page is also set up for Virginia residents and links to the VA State Police Website.

  1. Go to the VA State Police website by clicking here, VA State Police. Or simply type the website,, web browser's address bar by yourself.
  2. In the left column click on the search sex-offender registry and read what comes up.
  3. Now type in the number that is shown into the field provided for it and click accept.
  4. Follow the steps given to you by their website to search the sex-offender registry.